Sunday, May 6, 2012

Final Project 16

Project 13

For Project 15 and 16, I was in the group Team Fantastic. For project 15, our assignment was to create a possible lesson plan for our future students according to the Mobile County Public School requirements. We chose to do a lesson for Second Graders in the field of Social Studies. We used the Notebook program for our SMART board lesson. For our final project (Project 16), we chose to do a humorous video on how to fail EDM 310. We collaborated with e-mail and SMS messaging. We were very successful in our planning and communication. Our group worked very well together throughout the semester and I was very pleased with their effort and the final outcome of all of our projects. The e-mails worked effectively and we were able to create very good projects.

Blog post 14: Final Reflection

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Project 15

Blog post 13

I was afraid to start this assignment. Mainly because I knew what it meant for me. I rely so much on my cell phone for so many things in my every day life that I really didn't think I could do it. How would I get in touch with my family? My boyfriend? My friends? How would I let them know something in case of an emergency? As I attempted this assignment, I started to feel secluded and lonely and left out of the loop. I felt like I was missing something, like something was taken away from me that I valued so much for no reason. It felt like I almost didn't know what to do with myself. How did people that lived before me get by with their every day life without this machine? How can something that seems so small and insignificant be such a huge part of my life? This is the reality. Our generation has grown to NEED these things and we feel that we CONSTANTLY have to be in immediate contact with our loved ones because it has not only become a habit but we have never known it to be any other way. The technology is indeed amazing. Now that I was faced with the problem of NOT having my precious phone, I can't imagine what it would be like to not have it all the time.

I want YOU to turn off your cell phone

Our students will be faced with the same problem when they come to school. It is our job, as educators, to teach them how to use the technology in the right way and to use it to our advantage to better their learning experience. This is what our generation understands, what they are accustomed to. We must know how to use the technology in order for us to be successful educators. The beauty of this assignment is that it shows just how important technology is in our every day lives and how we MUST be familiar with the changes if we are going to teach young students in the future. I say this in almost every blog post but it's TRUE: That is the point of this class. To allow us to use the technology and become familiar with it so that we may give our students the best learning experience possible. This assignment really shows how truly important technology is in the modern day world.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Creativity and Curiosity: My Thoughts - Special Post #12A

I think that schools in the United States do kill creativity but I think that recently they have been getting better. The reason for this is because technology has become more and more popular and available among schools worldwide. With the new technological advances, teachers have the opportunity to promote creativity because of what the children can create with these tools. If the tools are there, then it's up to the teacher to use them correctly and show the student how to use them by teaching with them and creating a better learning experience for the student. A curriculum can be developed to require these teachers to teach certain things by using certain tools. This way, the students will be able to use blogs, podcasts, videos, and other tools such as skype and youtube to receive the best learning experience possible. If we show a student a video or post that got commented on by someone across the world, this may excite them to write another blog post and be more creative while writing it. We need to stimulate the student by what they are interested in so they can excel in that area in the future. Technology offers so many different options for any subject or field a student may want to learn about. This way, creativity isn't killed but rather encouraged.
we create

Blog Post #12

Watch this video Why We Need To Teach Technology In School. Think about how quickly technology changes and why it's important to teach our children about these advances so they can use them in the right way. Write a blog post about your thoughts on this and how you are going to incorporate technology into your future classroom in order to prepare your students for the rest of their lives.

This video was about how quickly technology changes. It starts with changes that are very old and leads up to computers, laptops, cell phones, and even smart boards. If we do not teach our students about these technological advances when they are young, they could possibly get left behind in the future because they weren't aware of the tools they had to use to better their learning experience. Technology allows students to have endless amounts of creativity because they can create worlds on a computer that were not possible before. If we do not let our students have access to these tools and use them effectively, they will not be ready for the world and the future advances that will be made. One must know how to use something effectively in order for them to succeed.

In my classroom, I hope to allow my students to skype with other students so that they can relate and collaborate with them and perhaps understand the material we are learning better by talking with other students learning the same thing. I also hope to let them create blogs so they can learn how to write essays and short stories about certain things I would assign. This way, they can learn how to manipulate around the technologic world. I also hope to help them create videos and podcasts they can post to show the world how much they are learning and to motivate creativity. I would like to create videos of me explaining certain material and show step by step instructions so I could take a step back and observe my classroom from a different perspective. I believe this helps the teacher assess which students are struggling and which ones are excelling. It may be a difficult process at first, but I think that all of these tools will be worth it for my students at the end because they will have a better understanding of what they are learning and be more prepared for the future.
technology in the classroom

Progress Report on Final Project

For our final project we are going to show a step by step detailed demonstration of how to create a website. Our reason for creating the website is for our students to use it for projects or other information reasons. We thought this would be a fun and creative way to help our students learn about the information and retain it better. They could create it themselves and show their family and friends what wonderful work they've done. It would stimulate their creativity while they are learning the material. I am very excited to see how it turns out.
progress report

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Blog Post 11

First Graders in Ms. Cassidy's Class & Skype Interview with Ms. Cassidy

This video was about teaching first graders with the use of technology. They learned how to read and write using blogs and they liked this method because other people that they cared about could see their progress. They used the smart board to have collaborative and interactive lessons and understand more about what they were learning by having hands on access. Their writing improves because of their blogs and they can keep online portfolios of their work. They also use web pages to help them find other sites that may help them with their current work or their work in the future. There are interactive games online for them to learn the alphabet and numbers in a fun, easy way. They also use a wiki to collaborate with other students to learn about traditions, rituals, and other things. They use skype to talk to other classrooms and other professionals to help them understand the material.

I think this is such an amazing way to learn. It makes collaborating and teaching children fun. It shows them that they are making progress and allows other students around the world as well as their loved ones to see the amazing things they are learning about. It allows others around the world to help them understand what they are learning and show them in ways that were never possible before. Not only can they learn from other students and classrooms, but if they are learning about a certain subject, they can also learn from other professionals that work in that subject field every single day. The part that I liked the best is that the comment the child made about the people from Alabama could have been me or any other student in this very class I am taking. What an amazing way to help a child know that what they are learning about and doing is important!

In my classroom, I hope to have the opportunity to use the blogging to show the students their progress and allow them to keep an online portfolio of their work. I love the fact that their mothers, siblings, and other relatives can keep up with their progress and show them that what they are doing is excellent and important. I also hope to use skype to collaborate with other classrooms and teachers so that my students can help learn from them as well. I think that using blogging and skype will help them understand the material better and give them positive reinforcement to keep up their excellent work. I think that it will change the way they learn and they will be able to excel faster later in life with the tools I will give them.

blog wordle

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Blog Post 10

Do you teach or do you educate?

In this video, it says that to teach is to show or explain how to do something, to encourage someone to accept as a fact or principle, to give information about or instruction in, to cause someone to learn or understand something, and to induce by example or punishment to not do something. But an educator illuminates; enlightens; inspires; empowers; gives intellectual, moral, and social instructions; and acts as a mentor/guide to the student to show them the way.

Teaching shouldn't just be about jumping through the hoops and giving students a robotic lesson. In order to be successful in creating young adults who are capable and understand the world around them, we must set the example and be passionate about our work. We must be up to date with the technology so we can prepare our students for what may come in the future. We must show them that "education is the kindling of a flame not the filling of a vessel" by taking that extra step and providing the most up to date and detailed lessons possible so each student can understand and comprehend the material. Like Rafe Esquith said, we should be so involved with our students and the lesson that we don't even realize that our hair is on fire.

This is exactly what I intend to do. I like things to be a certain way in my life, and I'm sure I will in my classroom as well. I cannot settle for just a mediocre lesson, I will want my students to be able to grasp the material and trust me and respect me. This may take time and be a struggle in the beginning, but because I am passionate about what I do, my students will succeed and it will be worth it in the long run. I believe every teacher should strive for this, and I wish I had more teachers like this as I grew up.

Don't Let Them Take Pencils Home

After reading and exploring this blog, I really appreciated what he had to say. Instead of focusing on the problems at hand, he searched for solutions. He offers several situations that could be fictional or nonfictional about modern day teaching. He shows the speed bumps teachers may run into with their principal or other teachers with real-life situations. He uses stories to show criticism and to get his point across which is a very creative way to show his points. He has characters that could apply to any teacher and uses them in situations any teacher could relate to. He uses history as a lens to discuss his own story and the current context of the twenty-first century. One of my favorite things he says is: "The larger, external conflict initially feels like it's about getting pencils into the hands of students.  But it's more than that.  It's fighting against a new, emerging factory system of education and yet going forward into the twenty-first century.  It's teaching immigrant kids and not falling into the Assimilation School mentality.  It's technology criticism and technology use." This is the ultimate conflict we face as teachers. This is what we must overcome in order to be successful in the modern day world. We must show our students how important it is to understand the material and be up to date with technology. Not only does he pinpoint specific things we must grasp and take a hold of as teachers, but he offers solutions and shows that being a successful teacher in the modern day world with technology IS possible. I really enjoyed exploring and reading his stories and I hope that teachers everywhere have the opportunity to read his work as well.

pencil me in

Friday, March 30, 2012

Blog Post 9

Mr. Joe McClung's Reflections

Mr. McClung chose to start writing reflections each year explaining what he had learned the year before. He explains certain tactics he used and what worked and what didn't. In the future, this would be a great resource for any teacher in any part of the country and because of technology, reading his experiences is possible anywhere. Now teachers can collaborate and create a better learning experience for the student.

After reading his first reflection, I realized that I could really relate to him because I, like him, like things to be a certain way. I could see myself making the "perfect" lesson and getting frustrated when things don't go as planned, much like he did. This really opened up my eyes to think about the way it will be when I am actually placed in front of my own class with my own students. We all are forever learners and I think that writing a blog of what you learn each year is an excellent way to not only share your experience with others to possibly help them, but learn from the mistakes you made yourself and provide the best learning experience possible for your students. He also talks about listening to your students and making them feel like they matter. I remember in high school I felt like the teachers thought I was really stupid and they knew it all and I hated that. That is one of the reasons I want to become an educator. To show students that each and every one of them is special and they have something to offer the world. The student needs to feel like the teacher is listening to them in order for them to respect the teacher. I think that if the student feels cared about, then they will be more apt to listen to what the teacher is saying and become engaged in the classroom.

Next, I read his last reflection. First he starts by saying that several things have changed for him this year including taking on several new responsibilities. He says that instead of focusing on pleasing other teachers/adults, we need to make sure that we keep the students our #1 priority. In the modern day world, there are distractions everywhere and it is very easy for us to get caught up in our own lives and forget about the reason why we became educators. When we step inside the classroom, everything else should disappear. Just like Rafe Esquith says, make the classroom an escape and safe haven for the students so that they can have the best learning experience possible. This is what I want to strive for as a teacher. Of course I will make mistakes and of course I will learn from them. I plan on keeping a blog just like Mr. McClung so I, too, can reflect back on what I have learned and continue to get better and better each year.

One thing I really liked that he said was to let the students do the work even though it is easier for us to take over and do it for them if they are struggling. This can be applied to any job, or any learning experience and it is absolutely true. Even today, when I am trying to learn something new at my current job, I tell my boss, let me do it and tell me what to do step by step otherwise I won't remember it. That is the best way to learn. Having the students do things for themselves may create struggles for them in the beginning but will definitely be worth it in the long run.

Overall, I believe that in order to be a successful educator, one must be passionate about teaching others. We must strive to see the understanding in the child's eyes and strive to create an outstanding learning environment for each and every student. We also must be able to include up to date technology with our lessons so we can better prepare our students for the future. This means we must constantly be learning and trying to improve each year, much like Mr. McClung. Thank you Mr. McClung, and yes, I believe this is an achievable goal.

reaching your goal

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Blog Post 8

This Is How We Dream: Parts 1 & 2

These videos are about how instant communication occurs with modern day technology. He shows how one can collaborate, learn, and teach with live chats, online lesson plans, and interactive websites. With this technology, the student has access to much more information about the subject they are learning about. They can watch videos, read articles, look at maps, and use other interactive tools to help them learn about a certain subject.

Without the technology that we possess today, none of this would be possible. It is forever changing, and the teacher must be prepared to teach in the modern day classroom. The teacher must be made aware of these advances and be able to use the tools appropriately in order to give the student the best learning experience possible. Instead of standing at the front of the classroom, the teacher can take a step back and watch and see how each student learns and view what they are struggling with from a perspective that was never possible before.

Now, as educators, we can share videos and alternative teaching tips with others around the world. There are virtually no limits or restrictions. We, as teachers, can connect with one another to better the student's experience. The author's ultimate dream that he reveals at the end of the second video is to compose technology that can foster creativity and collaboration and inspire teachers to use it and collaborate with it as well. The goal of the technology is to make things possible that were never possible before. It starts with the teacher. We must be able to use the technology and teach our students to use it effectively. This dream should be every aspiring teacher's dream: to better the student's learning experience and give them access to endless possibilities via technology.

Carly Pugh's Blog Post #12

Carly's blog post amazed me. I was speechless for a few moments after I read it. After everything I have learned in this class, she has definitely taken it to a level that can be applied in the classroom easily. As I was reading her post, I could see a lesson plan with links to related websites and videos to benefit the students learning experience. It took the technology, and put it into a real life example of how we are supposed to use it. She made Dr. Miller's dream come alive with her assignment.  It all made sense, all flowed. To be honest, I was jealous of her creativity and passion for making the student's learning experience the best it could possible be. She really was thinking about her future as an educator and showing how we can use our creativity and voice to motivate and help our students. We should all strive for this. Because, like Carly said, our students DESERVE it.

The Chipper Series and EDM310 for Dummies

These two creative videos inspired me. These students went above and beyond what they were asked to do to show that they were passionate about learning the technology required to teach students in the modern day world. I would like to create or participate in a video that explains how I am going to incorporate the things I have learned into this class into my classroom. I would have students in the video and I would be the teacher using the information I've learned to better their learning experience. Maybe in the video I would show how I use blogs to help them collaborate or I would use videos to help them understand. This would truly show that I can use the tools and show my students how to use them as well.

Learn to Change, Change to Learn

This video is about learning to change, and changing to learn, just like the title says. As time goes on and more and more advances are made, students have more opportunities than ever before. Not only can they collaborate with others, but they can also have a better understand of what they are learning and be more prepared for not only college, but life after that as well. The video suggests that the standardized testing in schools today doesn't provide students with the information they need to be successful in the modern day world. Teaching the students of the future needs to change just like the technology has. We must be the change we wish to see in the teaching industry and we, as educators, must be able to use the tools provided for us and set the example. Instead of just memorizing facts, the technology allows the student to incorporate the information into real life circumstances that they can use in the future.

1. I used Edmodo because I felt that it would be a good tool to use to remind students of upcoming deadlines and so that parents could see what we do in the classroom. I could post any changes to any assignments and keep students and parents updated on the material they are learning. I could post links to videos or other material that could help students who are struggling with certain assignments or subjects. It would make communication very easy for me and my students and it would help them succeed. I also liked how I could post quizzes and poll students to get feedback on how I am doing. This is such a neat website and I look forward to using it in the future!
2. Dr. Strange made this presentation with the help of Prezi. For teachers, the software is absolutely free for the basic package and only $59 for the Pro. We have no excuse to not use this incredibly user friendly software to help the student. The Prezi basically paves the way for the student to understand the material better. I'm so glad that I know about this because I will definitely be using it in the future!
3. Here is my Comic:
4. Animoto would be a great video tool to use because it could bring the things I am teaching about to life. It would allow me to take a step back as they watch the video so I can observe my classroom from a different perspective. It not only lets you include text and spotlight certain images, but it also allows you to collaborate with and learn from other teachers. You can share your video and download other teachers videos to get ideas. What an amazing and interactive website I can use to help my students.
5. Poll:

Friday, March 23, 2012

C4K# 5-9

C4K# 5

The fifth student I was assigned to was a student who is in the 4th grade in the UK. This was different for me because I couldn't believe I was interacting with a child so far away! That is so neat to me and amazes me. I hope that when I have my own classroom we can communicate with other classes across the world like this. He wrote about watching other classes watch the movie Titanic. This is the comment I left:

Hey Dylan! My name is Sarah and I am a student attending the University of South Alabama to become an elementary school teacher! What an interesting post! I also think it is awesome that they are learning about the differences of 1st class and 3rd class. The Titanic movie is an awesome movie and I'm glad to hear that you are learning about it. What they went through is so horrible! I hope it never happens again! That is very cool that you get to watch other classes as well. I will have to do something similar when I have my own classroom. Thanks for sharing your ideas and thoughts and I wish you the best of luck in the future.


C4K #6

Emily was the next student I had the privelage to comment on. She lives in Vermont, likes country music, and loves the scenery around her. She talked about how there was a lot of mud in the town she lived in which was good for fourwheeling. She also mentioned that she had to go to the next town to get groceries! That is really interesting! I can't relate to that because I live in a large town where there are grocery stores on every corner! What a different world that must be. I hope that one day my students can have the opportunity to connect with other students their age who live in completely different climates and atmospheres!

Here is the comment I left:
Hello Emily! My name is Sarah Clever and I live in Mobile, AL. I am currently in school to become an elementary teacher and I love learning about other students that live across the country! Vermont sounds like a very beautiful place to live. Have you lived there your whole life? You mention there is a lot of mud for fourwheeling. Do you like to go fourwheeling? Do you own your own fourwheeler? My parents have one and they are so much fun! I also read in your biography that you like country music. That is my favorite type of music as well! Who is your favorite artist? The mountains are definitely a very beautiful sight to see and you are very blessed to see that every day! Do you ever get a chance to go hiking? I can’t wait to read your next blog post!

vermont natural beauty

C4K #7

The next post I read by Emily was about how she has the opportunity to go hunting with her dad for food and about how some people in the world are starving because they don't have money to feed themselves or their families. This is the comment I left:

Hey Emily! That is so neat that you and your dad go hunting for food! I wish I lived in an environment where I could do that! I will have to try it sometime. What do you like the most about hunting? Unfortunately, the last thing you said is true. People around the world are starving because they don't have enough money for food and that really makes me sad. I try to donate and help out as much as I can and I really want to go on a mission trip someday. How can we help these people? It's hard when we live so far away and our worlds are so different. I enjoy reading your posts. Keep up the great work!

vermont hunting

C4K #8

The third blog I read from Emily was about cutting down trees and how that is bad for the environment. I find it fascinating that someone as young as her is concerned with such an issue. I really think it's amazing that she is writing about it and how we should all plant more trees to save the environment. I was so thrilled to hear her thoughts about the issue and I am so glad I was assigned to her. She is a very smart girl and I'm sure she will be an amazing young lady. This is the comment I left:

Hello again! I completely agree! I am so thrilled that you have thought about this issue and written about it. Recently, I have planted some small trees and flowers in my back yard because I feel the same way about the environment. I also feel that my neighborhood doesn’t have enough trees and I want to show my neighbors how beautiful they are. You have the opportunity to see such amazing landscape where you live and I am jealous of that! You are such a great writer and I hope you continue to blog. Thanks for sharing and I wish you the best of luck in the future!

vermont trees being cut down

C4K #9

The next student I had the pleasure of commenting on was a little girl named Serenity. I love that name so I was excited about reading her post. As it turns out, she made a video for her post so I got to watch her talk about her weekend! How exciting and fun is that for her! I hope I have the opportunity to show my classroom that one day. This is the comment I left:

Hey Serenity! My name is Sarah Clever and I am a student at the University of South Alabama currently studying to become a teacher! I am so excited that you posted this video! I am excited because I went to the beach this weekend as well. That is so much fun! Do you get to go to the beach a lot? I'm so happy that you had such an awesome weekend and I loved your video! Thanks for sharing!


C4T# 3 & 4

C4T# 3

The third teacher I commented on was named Beth Knittle. She is "the sole K-12 Technology Integration Specialist for a pretty big district." She loves her job and loves where she lives and that is reflected in her writing. I enjoyed reading her blog and her ideas were really outstanding. I think that we should all strive to do our jobs in the way she does hers. Technology is a difficult thing to grasp because it is ever changing. With this class, we can have a small idea about how to use it to teach our students more effectively.

This is the comment I left:

Hello Beth,

My name is Sarah Clever and I am a student in EDM 310 at the University of South Alabama. I just read the article below and I completely agree. It is hard to teach our children with up to date technology when it is constantly changing and getting better and better. Each new advance that is made makes it a different learning experience for the children growing up in the world today. Instead of the teacher lecturing at the front of the class, he can show a video that makes more sense to the children and he can take a step back and look at the class from a different perspective which would maybe help him see the students who are struggling more. I hope that when I am a teacher, I have the opportunity to provide the best learning experience for my students. Thanks for your articles and for taking the time to write them.

C4T# 4

The next teacher I had the privilege to comment on was Diane Krause. Diane's entire blog researches technology and tools and she posts about new things and discoveries she finds to educate other teachers. There were so many neat things on her site that could help me with my future students. I was really impressed with her most recent blog which discussed feedback from educators across the nation. They spent hundreds of hours researching technology and partenered together to develop a site that gives feedback to other educators around the world. This was very interesting to me and will definitely help me with my future classroom. I am also including her site in my personal learning network.

This is the comment I left:

Hey Diane! My name is Sarah Clever and I am a student in EDM 310 at the University of South Alabama. I read several posts on your blog and went to the links and I was very intrigued by the sites and tools that you have found. They will definitely help me with my future students as I go through my teaching journey. I am so thankful that you take the time to write this blog for people like me who are learning about the tools that technology has to offer. I will definitely use you sight as a reference in the future and it will be included in my personal learning network! Thanks so much for sharing!

The second post I read from Diane was about keeping families safe online and also teaming up with Google to develop a curriculum for educators when it comes to technology. This way, we can become "responsible digital citizens" and help our students do the same. There will be workshops teachers can download that can help them incorporate technology into their classroom. I think this is such a wonderful program and I can't wait to use it myself. This is the comment I left:

Hey Diane! My name is Sarah Clever and I am also a student at the University of South Alabama in EDM 310. Recently, I did a blog post on this exact same thing! I think that a curriculum DOES need to be developed so that teachers can become "responsible digital citizens." I really love the way that you phrase that and I'm so glad and thankful you posted this! It will definitely help me in my future classroom!


Sunday, March 11, 2012

Project 9B Timetoast Instructional Timeline

I did my Timeline on the history of Television.

PLN Progress & Final Report

I created my PLN using a website called Symbaloo. It was very easy and helpful and I am amazed that there are sites out there such as this one! I used websites I will use every day and resources I can use forever. Not only could I add things I will use personally for every day affairs, but also things that will help me with my teaching and learning experience. After all, we are forever learners!

Blog Post 7

This video is about learning in the 21st century. The student has no text books and takes several classes online. The teachers he has rarely lecture and he has several connections online in order to learn more about the subject he is studying. He can connect with others via blogs and comment on their posts so they can learn from each other through the Internet. His classmates can be virtually anyone in the world because the technology at hand allows him to communicate with other students that have the same major as him and they can collaborate and study together. The reason he needs a teacher is to show him these tools he has at hand and help him use them and understand them so he can succeed.

As we go through life, we are constantly learning things through experiences and connections we have with other people. As teachers, we not only need to be able to teach our students the material they need to know to succeed, but also to be better people and to learn how to treat others. In order to do this, we must have people that we can relate and collaborate with in order to help us through our journey. If we have the connections like the student did in the video, we have access to limitless information and connections.

This video was about a student who created a page where she could organize everything that she had to learn. She could click on things that tracked what she was looking at so she could get credit for assignments and keep up with her work. It organized everything and everyone she was learning from into a network so she would know where all her resources were.

This was very interesting to me. It takes the work out of having to file papers and keep a notebook. It solves the problem of cutting down too many trees and using paper. It allows students to have a page where they can see everything they need to be studying and learning about and makes it easier for the teacher. Illegible handwriting wouldn't be a problem here because everything is connected online and available to see. The student can connect with other students and teachers and have access to more information. For students who struggle with being organized, this could definitely benefit them in so many ways. I definitely think this is something I will use in my classroom so the students can learn in the most efficient way through technology.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Project 8: Podcast

Here is a link to it on YouTube:Team Fantastic Podcast

Blog Post 6

Randy Pausch's Last Lecture

This video is about what he would talk about if it was his LAST lecture of his life. His explains that he was given 3-6 months to live due to liver cancer and that was a month ago. He explains that he isn't depressed, he is in great shape given the circumstances, and that he wants to talk about his childhood dreams and not about natural remedies or religion. He explains that he had an amazing childhood and couldn't find a picture of himself not smiling. He says that anything is possible and the inspiration and the permission to dream is huge. He then lists his childhood dreams.

One of his dreams was to be in zero gravity. He was able to accomplish this dream by manipulating the system and bringing something to the table for NASA and having the media there for them. He shows a video of his students and him in zero gravity. His next dream was to be in the NFL football league. He explains that he was the smallest boy on the team when he was 9 years old and even though he didn't accomplish this dream, he got more from it than from some of the dreams he DID accomplish. He says his coach showed him that he loved him by showing him what he was doing wrong and being his critic. He also says that he feels most comfortable on a football field and sometimes when he is wandering the halls thinking about something he usually has a football in his hand because it has become a part of him. Football got him where he is today and a great quote he has is "Experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted."

This really hit home with me because one of my childhood dreams was to become a singer. I know I am still young and I have a lot of life ahead of me and we never know what could happen in the future. At the same time, I may never become a singer but singing passionately at church and even at home with my little sister has become a part of me. It has helped get me where I am today and even though I may never be famous or a rock star, I still sing when I am feeling down, when I am stressed, or when I am trying hard to figure something out. I love this quote and I will have it in my classroom someday.

He goes on to say that football, soccer, or any sport is a "head fake" which means that when we send our children to play football, we don't necessarily want them to learn football, but we want them to have experiences. He says the best way to teach someone something, is to make them think they are learning someone else. I also believe that children need to play sports and/or show their creative side to help them become who they are.

His next dream was to be like Captain Kirk. When he got older, he realized he didn't want to be him, but rather meet him. He says that it is such a cool experience to meet your childhood idol but it's even cooler when your idol comes to YOU to see what you have been accomplishing. What an amazing feeling to know that someone you have looked up to your whole life has come to you to see your accomplishments. I hope that we can all strive for this and want this for ourselves one day.

When he was younger and went to an amusement park, he would see all these big buff guys carrying these huge stuffed animals that they had won. He wanted to win those too and made that one of his childhood dreams. He then goes on to show picture after picture of all of these HUGE stuffed animals that he won and proceeds to bring them out onto the stage with him. He also went to Disney World when he was young and loved the environment so much that he decided he wanted to work there one day. Once he graduated with his PhD, he sent his applications to Disney World and they turned him down and told him they had NO positions available for him. He explains that these brick walls (such as Disney World completely turning him down) that we come to in life are there for a reason and that reason is to let us prove how badly we want something. They are also there to stop the people who don't want it badly enough. After meeting the right people years later, he was able to have lunch with a man named Snoddy who was the top imagineer for a top secret Aladdin project that was going on at the time. The lunch turns into a two hour ordeal where Snoddy says he will try to work something out to get Pausch on the project Snoddy was doing. He explains that he learned so much from Snoddy but one of the things that really stuck with him was Snoddy told him that if he waited long enough, people will really impress and surprise you. Snoddy says that if you are really mad at someone, you just haven't waited long enough for them to come around and surprise you. Finally, a contract was made that he could work with Snoddy for 6 months on the project until it was published. He says he loved the project and working there so much and it forever changed him. They ultimately asked him to stay but he explains it was so stressful that he said no. Be careful what you wish for. :)

The one thing that Randy Pausch wanted to share with the world is accomplishing one's childhood dreams. He decided to teach a course on it. He took a class of 50 students from all different departments and put them in groups of 4 and gave them assignments to build virtual worlds. He says that the students amazed him with their first project but instead of telling them how awesome it was, he told them they could still do better. He explains that is the the best advice he could give them because they did just that... they got better and better. Because of how interesting it was and how passionate the students were, it became a campus phenomenon and people lined up to see their ideas. He explains that it was such a privelage and an honor to teach this class for so long (about 10 years).This was done at Carnegie Melon Univeristy and it is the only place this is offered. He created a masters degree program that does away with book learning and the entire degree is comprised of students getting into groups and making things virtually. He created the Alice program where students can make movies and video games which tricks them because what they are really learning is how to program. This helps millions of kids have fun while learning something hard. He says that he will live on with the Alice project. This is so amazing to me. The fact that he wanted students to feel the same passion and accomplishments he felt by giving them the oppurtunity to give these childhood dreams a chance. He allowed them to show the world what they were capable of by letting their creativity flourish and proving they could create their own worlds. He also created a way for students and kids to learn difficult something in a fun atmostphere so they could understand it better.

Another thing Pausch talks about is parents, teachers, mentors, and colleagues are the people that can help you accomplish your dreams. He explains how blessed he was to be born to two amazing people who were passionate and helped others every chance they got. They allowed him to be himself and be creative and he encourages parents around the world to do the same. He explains that his friend/boss Andy told him he was such a good salesman and any company that gets him is going to use him as a salesman and he may as well sell something worth while such as education. What an awe inspiring thing to sell! Education and experiences make us who we are, and he has the privelage of helping make young people who they are. One day, we all will too and I hope that we are all as passionate and wonderous as he is.

The best things about this lecture in my opinion are the last things he says. Never lose the child like wonder. This really fills my soul with hope. I hope that we can all keep this awe and wonder we have when we are children because he is right... it is just too important. Help others. The people that have helped him along the way are the memories he cherishes the most. If we all lived with love in our hearts and helped others the way he does the world would be a better place. In order to get people to help us, we must live our lives by setting the example: telling the truth, being earnest, apologizing when we screw up, and focusing on others, not ourselves. When we choose to do the right thing and have gratitude, good things have a way of happening to us. Never give up. There are always going to be things that get in the way of us accomplishing our dreams. We must remember that these things shouldn't stop us or weigh us down, we have to keep going. We have to remember that these things are there to show us that we can prove how much we want them and to prove our dedication to getting them. His ultimate advice: get a feedback loop that you listen to and use, be good at something, work hard, find the best in everybody no matter how long you have to wait for them to show it, and be prepared because luck is simply where preparation meets oppurtunity.

Close to the end of his presentation when he was talking about focusing on others, he explains that his wife's birthday was the day before and he felt bad because he wasn't able to give her a proper birthday because he was doing his "last lecture." So he brings out a cake with a candle and has the audience of around 500 sing happy birthday to her. This brought me to tears. What an amazing man to give his one moment that he has for himself to her. It was so selfless, and I believe we should all try and live our lives this way. Even though he was only given a certain amount of time to live, he still wasn't thinking only about himself, he wanted to make the people he cared about happy and show them that he loved them. At the end he says, the talk wasn't for us, it was for his kids.

The thing that really amazes me about this man is that no matter what was thrown his way, he never gave up. Similar to Rafe Esquith, he is passionate about what he does and he wants to show the world that anything is possible. I think the purpose of this lecture is to show that no dream is too big. Everything that stands in your way on your journey to making your dreams come true is just to weed out the people who don't want it bad enough. If you perservere and are passionate about the things you want and try to get them, they will happen for you. You make your own path, and YOU are the only one who can make your dreams come true for yourself.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Blog Post 5

Dangerously Irrelevant by Scot McLeod

Scott McLeod is an Associate Professor of Educational Leadership at the University of Kentucky. He has received many awards and is known world wide for his expert teaching and technological skills. He has become respected by many people in the educational and technological world and has several blogs and websites where people can collaborate and connect with him. I think that this post is outstanding because it shows the importance of learning and teaching our students through technology in a creative way. He shows what will happen if we DON'T teach our kids how to use and collaborate with others through technology and warns parents and teachers that the students who do know how to use these computers will be a step ahead than others who don't.

This is the comment I left:
Hello my name is Sarah Clever and I am a student in EDM 310 at the University of South Alabama. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog because I absolutely agree. I think that is neat how you tell others not to teach their children/students about these things so yours will be a step ahead. If we teach our students about technology and the future of the world, they will understand when they are exposed to it later on in life in the real world. Thank you for sharing and I hope that it touches others the way it touched me.

The iSchool Initiative

This video is about the advances being made in technology for education. He explains that the syllabus and textbooks will be available through a device called iSchool instead of using natural resources that we desperately need. He goes on to explain how there are apps where teachers can take attendance and keep track of grades all on a machine. In addition, parents will have immediate access to their students progress. This solves ink, paper, and textbook costs. This would have a HUGE impact on our world and especially our environment.

This iSchool idea amazes me. I can't imagine how much technology is going to continue to become better and better for students. This is why it is necessary for teachers to make sure their students understand how to use the technology. The future of education is technology so we must make sure our students know about it. Like they say in the video, a touch of your finger will download textbooks so that there is no paper being used which helps save trees. It also better prepares our youth for the difficult world they were born into.

Eric Whitacre's Virtual Choir

This video is pretty amazing. We can now have a choir performance with people from all over the world while they are sitting in their own homes due to technological advances! People that never would have known each other or that never would have been noticed now have a chance to show their talents with others and reach out to other people who share their same passion through technology. I can definitely relate because I LOVE to sing and this would be really fun for me. I'm so impressed that there are people out there who want to notice others and share the same passion.

Teaching in the 21st Century

Due to the technology that students have at hand, the teacher has to engage the students in order for them to be interested because if the teacher were just to give facts, then the student could just look up the information that the teacher is saying. Everyone has limitless information at any time of the day no matter where they are due to technology which makes teachers no longer the main source of knowledge. The teachers job is to be the filter and teach the students HOW to handle these resources. Daily questions of life such as how to fix ones car or whether one should buy or rent a house can all be found through technology but it is our job as a teacher to help coach them on how to filter the responses they might get and help them make the best decision possible based on their life circumstances. In order for students to benefit later in life from what we teach them  in our classrooms, we must show them professionalism through technology so they can use those resources later on in life when they are needed for jobs and other life circumstances. That way, they can collaborate with others in both school and work using the tools we taught them. Some students learn orally, some are visual. With technology, both routes work. For students with disabilities, technology makes learning easier and extreme cases, possible. Students that have passions in art or music could benefit from the tools that technology has to offer. Creativity will no longer be pushed to the side... it will be encouraged with the tools that are available now. With blogs and other online collaborative tools, students will receive positive reinforcement through comments from other students and teachers around the world. Instead of entertaining students, we can engage them through technology.

Reading Rockets Website

This website has a large amount of information for teachers, parents, and students who are struggling with reading. It answers questions that people have about disabled students as well as students who are struggling with certain subjects. It has articles, shows, videos, podcasts, and books that can help everyone involved in the learning process. Not only does it help teachers and parents, but it also has links that can help librarians, principals, and other professionals.

Without technology, this website wouldn't be possible. Teachers and parents can both use this website as a tool to help their student/child learn the best way possible, especially if they are struggling with reading or other disabilities. With the free reading guide, blog, newsletter, and calender, this website is sure to help anyone who has any question. What an amazing way to collaborate and come together for each other in times of need. Technology is truly an awesome tool.

Individual Timetoast Timeline Project 9A

Friday, February 17, 2012

Blog Post 4

1st Graders Create Their Own Read Along Audiobook

In this blog, the teacher tells us about her experience with creating a podcast with first graders. She talks about how she did it in small groups with the children one group at a time. The children were very excited and engaged in this project and it thrilled her to see the children were so interested in something. They liked hearing their voice and following along with the story. These were the skills that were addressed:
  • listening
  • speaking
  • presenting
  • comprehension
  • storytelling
  • performance
  • voice acting
  • oral fluency
  • media
  • technology
To me, this is such an excellent way to teach children a story in a fun way. They will remember the story and they will have something to keep to show their parents/family when they get home. Instead of just reading the story aloud and having them become bored with just sitting there, this activity engages them and helps them stay focused on the task at hand. It also gives them a worldwide audience so they can feel accomplished with the work they have done.


This blog explained the importance of podcasting. The author was a foreign language teacher so she encourages teachers to do podcasting because it helps students learn by saying the word and hearing themselves say the word. I think that podcasting is a wonderful tool especially when trying to learn to say things you have never said or heard before. It helps the children remember the words and put them together easier because they can get engaged and excited when they hear themselves talking over a speaker.

Flat Stanley Podcast

These six-year-olds brainstormed with their teacher to create a story they could each talk about in the recording and send to their friends and family around the world. They each picked a location from around the world, researched their location, and created a short script about that location. The script had to include how they got there, what they did, and how they got back home. This is such a creative experience for these children! It helps them learn and research other places around the world in a fun way! They could share their experiences with a world wide audience and get feedback. What a positive teaching method!

Benefits of Podcasting

This video explores the benefits of podcasting. It starts off by explaining that a Millenial is anyone born after 1980 and we must know technology in order to live in the modern day world. Because of the iPod, podcasting has become more popular and effective. Podcasting allows students to have something they can create and something they can keep and listen to over and over. The video shows that if a student has to miss school due to being sick, they can download their teacher's podcast of the study materials so that they don't miss too much. It also shows the importance of blogging in the classroom so that the students can have a worldwide audience and connect with other students all over the world. The video allows students to share their opinion on podcasts and how much they enjoyed the experience. They can tell the world who they have shared their learning experience with. The principal also has a chance to give her opinion on podcasting. She explains that it allows students to be innovative and creative and it also gives parents a look at what their students are doing in the classroom.

Podcasting is definitely something I would like to use in my classroom because I think the students would have fun with it and learn a lot about the subject I am teaching. I think that it is an excellent way to share their learning experiences with not only their friends and families, but also others around the world. I can't imagine how excited they will be when someone they don't know comments on it and tells them how excellent their work is! This creates positive reinforcement and also encourages them to learn.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

C4K #1-4


I was assigned to a 14 year old girl named Sarah. Her most recent blog entry was about how much she loved to swim. She was very competitive and there was another girl named Miranda who was her arch enemy. Every time she saw Miranda, Miranda was very mean to her and called her a loser. She was excited to race against Miranda in their next competition and beating Miranda in the race motivated Sarah to go faster. Sarah won, and Miranda challenged her to another race. Unfortunately, at the next race, Miranda got attacked by a shark and didn't make it. Sarah talks about how this experience has changed her and has affected her in many ways.

This story brought me to tears. It's amazing how someone's life can just be taken in an instant. I was so happy to hear how passionate Sarah was about swimming and it broke my heart to hear that someone passed away while doing something she loved so much. I do believe everything happens for a reason and even though it was horrible, I do believe that it is something all of us can learn from. This is the comment I posted:

Hello! My name is Sarah Clever and I am currently attending the University of South Alabama to become an Elementary School Teacher. This story really moved me! I'm so sorry to hear that happened to you and I'm glad you shared it. Even though the situation was horrible, it is a learning experience. Each time we go through something like this, we learn to live more with love in our hearts even if others choose not to do the same. I wish you the best of luck on your journey with swimming and I really hope this doesn't stop you from pursuing your dreams. Let me know if you ever need help with anything or have any questions.

-Sarah Clever, EDM310, University of South Alabama

Here is a link to her blog: Sarah's blog

Hey Emma!

My name is Sarah Clever and I am a student at the University of South Alabama. I am currently in school to be an Elementary Teacher! I think it is so cool that you get to go to Mexico! I have never been but I have always wanted to go. In August of 2010 I went on a cruise to the Bahamas. Inside the Atlantis resort at the Bahamas I had the opportunity to swim with the dolphins and it was so much fun! They pushed me through the water with their nose and I got to swim beside them while they did flips in the air. It was such a neat experience! I hope that you enjoy your time there and come back to the United States with wonderful stories about your trip! You can E-Mail me if you ever want to talk or if you have any questions. Here is a link to my blog as well!

-Sarah Clever, EDM 310, University of South Alabama

Here is a link to her blog Emma's Blog

C4K #3
I was assigned to a 4th grader named Ysaiah. This student's blog post was about skyping with students from New Orleans. Since he lives in Canada, skype gave him the opportunity to connect with students across the world. The students were telling him a little bit about Mardi Gras and the history behind it. This hit close to home with me since we celebrate Mardi Gras every year and its always really fun.

I think that these type of collaborative exercises are necessary for children because then they can learn so much more about the world and what other students learn as well. They can collaborate and relate with other students they otherwise would have never met. I hope that Ysaiah one day has the chance to go to Mardi Gras and experience it for himself!

This is the comment I left:
Hello Ysaiah! My name is Sarah Clever and I am currently in school at the University of South Alabama to become an elementary school teacher! I think that is so neat that you had the opportunity to Skype with other students from New Orleans! I'm so thrilled that you got to learn a little bit about Mardi Gras. Some people say that Mardi Gras was actually originated in Mobile, AL and that is where I live now! So we celebrate it here, too. I like to go and celebrate it because I get to see all of my friends and we are all off of work and having fun. The parades are fun to go to. I hope you have the opportunity to go sometime! I think you would really like it and I'm really glad that you were able to learn about it! I wish you the best of luck on your journey and it was wonderful meeting you!

-Sarah Clever
EDM310, University of South Alabama

C4K #4

The fourth student's blog I had the privelage of commenting on was a 5th grader from Iowa. His blog was named Ice Man and he wrote about playing the game "MASH" on his sister's iPod. Considering the fact that I used to play MASH all the time when I was in the 5th grade, I could definitely relate to being excited about it because it let me think about my future. Of course, we played it with a piece of paper and pen, but it was still the same game.

I think that this is an excellent game for students to play because it allows them to choose their careers, income, and offspring and it lets them dream. While some students may not be as fortunate as others, this game lets them know that they can change their stars. Even though it may seem silly, it still allows them to think of possible careers and possible outcomes their life may have.

This is the comment I left:

Hey Ice Man!
My name is Sarah Clever and I am currently studying to be a second grade teacher at the University of South Alabama in Mobile, Alabama. What a cool name to have for your blog! What does it mean? I think that is so neat that there is an application to play mash on the iPod! I have an iPhone so I will have to check that out I didn't know it was out there. I used to play that when I was your age with my friends! I always wanted the mansion but I guess everyone probably does huh? It is definitely a fun game. It allows you to dream and think about what may come in the future. I always wanted to be a singer so I would always put that down as one of my careers! What do you want to be when you get older? I wish you the best of luck on your journey and as always, let me know if there is anything I can do to help.
-Sarah Clever
EDM 310
University of South Alabama

Friday, February 10, 2012

Blog Post 3

Technology in Special Education

I think that the use of technology in education requires students to participate when they otherwise wouldn't have physically been able to. That is the beauty of the Technology in Special Education video. Without technology, these students would have struggled and wouldn't have been able to read and speak their mind the way that they were able to with the computers. For students that have special needs and have trouble writing and reading, computers allow them to be able to manipulate information in a way that is easier for them to learn.

If we didn't have the computers and machines we have today, it would be hard for us to communicate and teach these special needs children. The technology in the video was the missing piece to solve the puzzle of teaching these kids. I think it is wonderful that machines and computers like the ones in the video exist for the children to collaborate and connect with their classmates and teachers. In order to make learning for these children possible, we must all know how to use and operate technology so that we can better our classroom for the future.

How the iPad works with Academics for Autism

The iPad is such an amazing invention. It's almost like a hand held smart board. It does almost everything and it's portable which makes it possible for special needs children to learn on their own. With the iPad, the child in the video probably felt like he was playing a game and it was fun and interactive! Not only was he having fun, but he was learning to count and write by using the iPad. It gives me chills watching that video because I love seeing children understand and learn and the iPad has made this possible for this young child with special needs.

Apple Education Apps

In my classroom, I would like to use the Art, Music, and Creativity app because it allows children to bring out their creative side. Since I am passionate about singing and I never really had the chance or opportunity to pursue it, I would want to persuade my students to pursue their passions. Many children are passionate about music and art and I could help teach them the curriculum in ways that used their passions and interests instead of trying to teach them in ways they didn't understand. For example, if someone was passionate about singing, we could use songs to help them spell words correctly or learn definitions.

This is so neat to me! I can't believe how exponentially fast technology is growing! In order to succeed in this world, this counter proves that you MUST be technologically literate. Technology is growing at a rate that we cannot comprehend and new things come out each year that will help us collaborate and connect with others so that we, as teachers, can create the best learning environment possible. I think that the point of this class is to show us how many resources and amazing tools are out there for us to use in our classrooms. We have to better our knowledge of the tools that we have to use in order to be able to teach children effectively.

How could we possible teach our students if we don't stay up to date on the methods to do so? We wouldn't be able to! That is how important technology is. With these videos showing us that technology makes learning easier, we would be foolish to not use these computers as tools. We have to learn the technology before we can teach others the basics in our classrooms.

A Vision of Students Today

This video really hit home with me. After going to school for 4 years and changing my major several different times, I really could relate to the things these students felt. When the girl held up the sign that said only 26% of the readings assigned to her were relevant to her life, it really made me think about all the things that I have read and done in college. I believe that most students feel this way and that it is an issue that shouldn't be taken as lightly as it is. The fact that most students have too much to do in every day life and HAVE to be multi-taskers is scary to me.

At the end of the video, it explains that the problems of the world today were not created by us, but they are OUR problems. We have to figure out how to do things efficiently and effectively in a timely manner. It suggests that technology could save us. Maybe if we were able to teach students in a way they could each understand and help them participate in a way that makes sense, they would have more time to live their life rather than spending so much time trying to read and understand something that could be portrayed to them in a faster and more effective way (such as a video or podcast). Technology is something we can ALL learn and teach from.

Monday, February 6, 2012

C4T #1 & 2

C4T #1

The first post I read by the blogger I was assigned to was about Social Networking. I love how she explained the purpose of Facebook and how it's supposed to be used. So many people use it for the wrong reasons and I'm glad that someone is trying to educate young people about the purpose of it. It connects people of all ages from all over the world and helps educate each other about ourselves and things to do in our area. It also connects educators from all over the world so they can get ideas and use each other's ideas as a resource and also share their own ideas so that the children can get the best education possible. Here is a link to her blog

This is the first comment I left:
Hello! My name is Sarah and I am currently in school to become a Second Grade Teacher. I think that Social Networking is such a fabulous tool that people of all ages can use to connect to the rest of the world. I have not only learned a lot from other people around me that I did not know before, but I've also learned a lot about the city I live in and things to do that I never would have had the oppurtunity to enjoy if it wasn't for Facebook. I can keep in touch with my best friend from middle school, my cousins that live 1200 miles away, and also friends that I have worked with at previous jobs that live across the country! I love how you have social networking explained here and I hope that I can teach the children in my classroom the importance of it as well. Here is a link to my blog :
and also the class blog:
In about 2 weeks, I will be posting a summary of the things I have read from your blog and commented on if you are interested.

The second post I read was about how there are no teachers in heaven because they are all in hell for the day at a PD meeting.

This is the second comment I left on 2/6/12:
I love this! And I hope that when I become a teacher I am part of the solution. I hope that I can show my students how to use technology and blogging as a way to collaborate and connect with others. Technology is such a great tool to use in classrooms and meetings.

C4T #2

The teacher I was assigned to was named Martha Yim and she wrote a blog about homeschooling. I think that homeschool is great for children who have developmental disorders and/or conduct disorders and whose parents are capable of homeschooling. But as far as the general population, I believe students need to be exposed to people of different races, social statuses, and religions in order to be a well rounded individual and to be successful in the modern day world.

This is the comment I left:
Hello my name is Sarah Clever and I am a student at the University of South Alabama. While homeschool is a great option, it doesn't allow the student to interact with people of different race and social classes like they would if they would have gone to public schools. This was from the National Center for Education Statistics website: "More White students were homeschooled than Black or Hispanic students or students from other racial/ethnic groups, and White students constituted the majority of homeschooled students (77 percent). White students (3.9 percent) had a higher homeschooling rate than Blacks (0.8 percent) and Hispanics (1.5 percent)." Also "In 2007, students in households earning between $25,001 and $75,000 per year had higher rates of homeschooling than their peers from families earning $25,000 or less a year." They also aren't exposed to people of other religions so when put in social situations in the future, such as at a job where they will have to interact with many different types of people, they may have a harder time adjusting whereas people who were exposed to this since they were young would have an easier time understanding others. "Parents give many different reasons for homeschooling their children. In 2007, the most common reason parents gave as the most important was a desire to provide religious or moral instruction (36 percent of students)." Here is a link to the website:

-Sarah Clever
EDM 310, University of South Alabama